Dependency Graph of a Package

In this example we'll plot a dependency graph of a package using PkgDeps.jl and and a DAG layout from LayeredLayouts.jl

using CairoMakie
using GraphMakie
using Graphs
using LayeredLayouts
using PkgDeps
using Makie.GeometryBasics
using Makie.Colors

First we need a small function which goes recursively through the dependencies of a package and builds a SimpleDiGraph object.

function depgraph(root)
    packages = [root]
    connections = Vector{Pair{Int,Int}}()

    for pkg in packages
        pkgidx = findfirst(isequal(pkg), packages)
        deps = direct_dependencies(pkg)

        for dep in keys(deps)
            idx = findfirst(isequal(dep), packages)
            if idx === nothing
                push!(packages, dep)
                idx = lastindex(packages)
            push!(connections, idx => pkgidx)
    g = SimpleDiGraph(length(packages))
    for c in connections
        add_edge!(g, c)
    return (packages, g)

As an example we'll plot the dependency Graph of Revise.jl because it is one of the most important packages in the Julia ecosystem but does not have a huge dependency tree.

(packages, g) = depgraph("Revise")
N = length(packages)
xs, ys, paths = solve_positions(Zarate(), g)

# we scale the y coordinates so the plot looks nice in `DataAspect()`
ys .= 0.3 .* ys
foreach(v -> v[2] .= 0.3 .* v[2], values(paths))

In GraphMakie the layout always needs to be function. So we're creating a dummy function... We will use the Edge waypoints attribute to get the graph with the least crossings.

lay = _ -> Point.(zip(xs,ys))
# create a vector of Point2f per edge
wp = [Point2f.(zip(paths[e]...)) for e in edges(g)]

# manually tweak some of the lable aligns
align = [(:right, :center) for i in 1:N]
align[1]  = (:left, :center)  # Revise
align[3]  = (:right, :top)    # LoweredCodeUtils
align[6]  = (:left, :bottom)  # CodeTracking
align[10] = (:left, :bottom)  # JuliaInterpreter
align[13] = (:left, :bottom)  # Requires

# shift "JuliaInterpreter" node in data space
offset = [Point2f(0,0) for i in 1:N]
offset[10] = Point(-0.1, 0.1)

f, ax, p = graphplot(g; layout=lay,
                     node_size=[9.0 for i in 1:N],
                     edge_width=[3 for i in 1:ne(g)],
ax.title = "Dependency Graph of Revise.jl"
xlims!(ax, -0.6, 5.6)
hidedecorations!(ax); hidespines!(ax); ax.aspect = DataAspect()

If you run this example using GLMakie you can add this code to play around with the interactive features.

deregister_interaction!(ax, :rectanglezoom)
register_interaction!(ax, :nodehover, NodeHoverHighlight(p))
register_interaction!(ax, :edgehover, EdgeHoverHighlight(p))
register_interaction!(ax, :edrag, EdgeDrag(p))
register_interaction!(ax, :ndrag, NodeDrag(p))

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